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January 2019 Press Release: Overview Riskpremiums 2018 Evaluating recent stock market corrections with objective criteria. Based on facts provided by the CAPM theory, the recent stock market corrections end 2018 in most countries looks more like a healthy correction on strong increases in earlier years.

December 2017 Press Release: Overview Riskpremiums 2017 More signs of rising world equity premiums. The UK joins the USA in the band of countries showing signs of overvaluation. Continental Euro stock markets show decreasing differences between theoretical unleveraged PE and actual PE. When do these tendencies start to be disturbing?

February/March 2016 Press Release: Overview Riskpremiums 2016 Same global picture of rising world equity premiums. A review of all available countries confirms the first signs of overvaluation in the USA.

August 2015 Press Release: Overview Riskpremiums 2015 World equity premiums on the rise again. A review of all available countries starts to show the first signs of overvaluation in the USA

06-23-2006 Press Release: Riskpremium 2006 The equity premium in the USA for 2006 now amounts to 6,02%. A review of all available countries shows that shares are probably overvalued. Notably in the USA with around 50%.

06-20-2006 Press Release: Version 7
F-Valution Software
The newest version 7 F-Valution Software is launched. Available now for the latest Office- and Windows versions.

1991 - 2005 Not digitally available Newsletters before 2006 are not digitally avaliable any more. These were sent by surface mail in those days.